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At RTC, we proudly stand as a premier MacBook service centre in Doha, Qatar. Repairing a MacBook can indeed be a substantial undertaking, but we excel in this domain. Our team comprises highly skilled and professionally trained MacBook technicians who are committed to delivering impeccable services. Whether you require MacBook screen replacement, display replacement, battery replacement, or keyboard replacement, you can trust us to provide these services at the most competitive prices without compromising on quality. When it comes to a MacBook service centre in Al Hilal, count on us for excellence.

Why Us?


Want to have your Mac repaired precisely and quickly? We have expert technicians to help you repair your Mac at RTC, a MacBook service centre in Qatar. MacBook repair is indeed a task that requires the utmost care and safety and should be handled precisely, but don’t worry, we excel in this field. We have authority for Apple Service Toolkit 2 (AST), a cloud-based diagnostic system to help technicians triage and verify repairs of Mac computers and iOS devices.

AST 2 is accessed through GSX, so we are your trusted ones to repair your MacBook. Our expert technicians have the technical tools to identify and resolve any complaint, whether it’s simple or complex. We have solutions for any problem your Mac is facing. Our technicians ensure that we use good-quality products for all repairs without compromising on quality.

RTC's Apple MacBook services centre includes MacBook repair, MacBook screen replacement, display replacement, battery replacement, keyboard replacement, back cover replacement, water damage repair, camera repair, microphone and speaker repair, body repair, and Wi-Fi repair.

We take care of all types of MacBooks, like MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and so on. As we provide accurate solutions for our customers to resolve their MacBook repair problems, RTC stands out as the leading Apple expert service provider in Qatar.

Screen replacement: In contrast to iPhones and iPads, a MacBook's screen replacement can be a major undertaking. When the screen gives you a little hint to change it, replace it. In Qatar, RTC will offer the assistance required for the MacBook screen replacement service.

Battery replacement

When it comes to MacBook battery replacement services in Qatar, RTC is the best option. The MacBook needs a new battery when it starts up slowly. Furthermore, since it's a MacBook, we shouldn't replace the batteries with cheap ones. RTC Mobile Solutions is the best service centre if you need a MacBook battery replacement in Doha.

Water damage

Handling a MacBook that has been flooded with water can be quite difficult. It will also be difficult to deal with these kinds of problems because laptops are usually used for business purposes. RTC Mobile Solutions can fix your MacBook's water damage issue. The technicians at RTC are qualified to handle water damage repair for MacBooks in Qatar.

Back Cover Replacement

Device part replacements come in a variety of forms. Replacing the back cover is necessary if your MacBook has fallen or sustained damage to its back. You can replace the back cover of your MacBook with RTC Mobile Solution in Qatar, so don't worry.

Body Repair

Every piece of machinery eventually needs to be reconditioned because it wears out. You must thus find the best location for the body repair of your MacBook. Otherwise, it might develop into a serious headache. Choose RTC Mobile Solutions to have your MacBook body repaired in Qatar so that it is fixed correctly.

Camera Repair

 When you need to make a video call or attend an official meeting, the MacBook's camera comes in handy. It will also be challenging if the camera isn't working correctly. RTC Mobile Solutions can help you choose the right supplies for your MacBook camera repair.

Speaker/Mic Repair

 Similar to the mic or speaker on your phone, the speaker on your computer is essential for recording voices and hearing noises. Have you ever thought about what might happen if it breaks? When you bring your MacBook to us, we'll fix it right away. Thus, you shouldn't worry if it breaks because RTC provides microphone and speaker repair services for all MacBook models in Qatar.

WIFI Repair

 Everyone hates electronic devices with optional Wi-Fi that aren't working properly. In a world where the internet powers everything, Wi-Fi is essential. Consequently, the laptop is worthless without Wi-Fi, even if it is a MacBook. RTC Mobile Solutions offers wi-fi MacBook repair services in Qatar.


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